2000 Camaro SS - GT55 94mm build




Looks good I have been meaning to check in with you for updates!


Between being busy at work and preparing for my wedding coming up in under 2 weeks, not a ton of progress has been made, but a big step was completed tonight. Friday night I finally got the car in the paint booth to paint the engine bay. It took forever to prep and mask it, but it was nice to get behind the paint gun again…

Prepped and ready for primer:

In primer and ready for sealer:

In sealer and ready for color:

Got the color laid down and had a few issues that weren’t the end of the world, but they would have bothered me to no end. I had to walk away to keep my sanity and let the paint harden so I could take care of blemishes.

      • Updated - - -

Tonight I redid a lot of the work, and thankfully everything seemed to go a lot smoother this go around.

I fixed the areas that bothered me and blew in some sealer:

Back to the color coat:

And finally the clear:



It’s not perfect, but I’m happy with it and it’s a huge improvement from what it was. I can’t wait to put all my new toys in it. Speaking of, the engine should be complete shortly after I return from my honeymoon at the end of the month. Once I buy the converter and get some other odds and ends done, it’ll start to look like a car again. Big thanks to @jt76 for lending a helping hand on Friday.


Looking good Bill


Thanks! I got the car back in the shop, gave the car a quick bath, and started throwing some parts back on it. I also had to see how the coated pipes and turbo went with the paint. I’ll have to send the exhaust housing to Detective Coating to get done, I forgot to send it with everything else. I’m also thinking of sending the compressor housing out to get polished. It’s much nicer to be putting the car back together than taking it apart, that’s for sure.







Not done yet?



Getting there…


Sorry @GORMARO Bill for a sec there your post didn’t show up. It’s fixed now :+1:


Looks like I need to fix some of the old attachments in this thread too.


you’ve done a great progress on this build