2001 Toyota Tundra, Access Cab, 4wd, 297k miles, Runs Excellent. $2400

2001 Toyota Tundra
292,000 miles been a delivery vehicle all its life so all highway miles.
Silver with Gray interior
Access Door basically a 4 door truck
Power Windows, Power Locks, Power Steering
Brand new windshield
Brand new Front Brakes with Caliper
Brand new Frame, leaf springs, control arms, shocks in rear, brake lines, Exhaust just replace. Car runs. Amazing! No Check Engine Light: Just passed inspection this month
Electical Great!
Tires- Great
Suspension- Excellent
Brakes- Excellent
Engine- Great
Tires- Good
Well maintained and cared for
Cap is also included!
Some minor issues:
Driver side door hinge sags alitte Has some rust majority is on the fender and bed box.
Overall, The truck is a great truck. im looking to step into a new work truck. has been excellent vehicle.
On to the pictures

Any rust holes, or is it all surface?

I haven’t checked in the bedbox but everything else is surface rust. Ill confirm once i check the bed out. If anything its around the wheel well on the bed box that might have hole

Bedbox wheel well are rusted through, just checked it

Are you flipping cars? You sold so many cars on here :slight_smile: GLWS

If you haven’t noticed in our household vehicles don’t last long, as we always want something else lol.
The definition of flipping car is when you buy cars, never register them, drive them, or personal use them.
All cars i list on here are personal vehicles or vehicles of people i know who asked me to post it online for them lol.
So it might look deceiving.

Fyi, i only about 25% of what i list on Nyspeed to members on here and they know what kind if car they are getting as i fully disclose what i know about these vehicles