2002 subaru rs 2.5

2.5 rs
90 xxx

car is silver new timing belt, clutch,

no real issues car is clean in and out i dime size rust spot above rear weel

6100 obo


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Word. You’re doing super duper already.

PMed :tup:

Fined sum grammer to0 wile your at it pleez.

i cant spell u got word check ?

pics? whats the lowest youd take on it.

lol why does everyone gotta shit talk about FS threads. all u gota do is nicely ask the person to be more descriptive about it if he really wants to move it not. If he can spell correctly or not who gives a fuck. lets see pics.



yessssssssss so much win

your gonna have to host the pictures somewhere first, like http://www.imageshack.com

this is so hard

thats what she said.

and good luck.


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whats your bottom dollar do u have paperwork/ receipts for the clutch?

yeah ill take pics it going in tomorrow, i have title and everything needed for sale. and i would like to get 5,800

5 speed or auto?

5 speed