2006 Audi A3 2.0T 6spd

made new thread.

Gorgeous car, glws man and nice meeting you tonight

thanks! nice meeting you as well

ugh i see this alot!such a nice car my fav audi!glws!

That car looks really good.

is getting it with the wheels in the picture an option?

He’s asking 16k W/O wheels.

I was checking this out when I was at Farts the other night with Brett. It’s cotdamn sexy…minus those tires :P.

GL with selling it, I’m sure you won’t need it.

they are sold, i’m sure dan will update the thread soon.

The wheels are sold.
The car comes with OEM 17" 5 spokes and 225/45/17 Continental ContiProContact’s


Is this AWD?

I’ve always kinda liked how these look.

No, Audi is fucking lame when they released this car,

If you want the 2.0t and 6spd, you could not get quattro

If you want 6spd and quattro, you had to get the over priced 3.2 litre v6

False. AWD was only available on 3.2L v6 that was only offered in DSG.
The car is identical to MK5 Gti/.:R32

GTi = 2.0t no quattro period.
A3 = 2.0t available 6spd or DSG (No quattro option available until 2009)
.:R/A3 = 3.2L V6 only DSG quattro(Haldex)

What kind of wheels were on there? I deciding on some summer wheels for my rabbit.

Merc Alphards

Like Matt said.
Mercedes SL600 Alphards. theres easily 10 sets FS on VWVortex
Mine had polished faces, normally theyre just silver.

they sit so nice on MK5’s, but to pull them off stretched tires are needed.

good luck with sale

Super nice car, I have been looking at B7 A4’s and was thinking about these but didn’t realize you couldn’t get the A3 with 2.0T 6sp quattro. I guess a B7 A4 avant is close enough.

Great car for the money, would move nicely if someone chipped it and it already looks great with the coilovers.

these coils are hands down the nicest coils Ive ever used.

B&G uses a 2 piece shock body design so you can shorten the length of the strut to lower and not effect spting rate/dampening.


also, anyone interested in this vehicle I can set up for a tune with Unitronic.
Im going to be arranging a groupbuy where Mike Savko from HSTuning will be coming here to tune cars.