2006 GSXR 600.. Is this a good deal?

2500 miles, never dropped.

offered it to me for $6400

think it’s a good deal?

here’s a shitty cell phone pic.

could do better, if they really want to sell it. imo

jump on it …

yeah…it’s so clean. the guy is getting a r1, so this is definitely out the door. I just wanted some opinions before I jumped on it.

should i say “mine by the end of the week?” lol

not a bad deal, not a good deal…

not bad at all. offer 6k and it would be a nice deal. even for 6400 thats pretty good

yea i’m gonna offer 6 and go from there. I’m pretty ok with the 6400, but i still need gear.

…ps, anyone selling a helmet or jacket? black? let me know

thats a very nice cell phone pic

my razr takes ok pics i guess… heh



shit yea. thats real hot, get it for 6

don’t be a huge faggot like me and keep saying that you want to buy a bike but never actually do. man up and buy it.

and i think it’s fair. do it.

yea. I don’t think i have much of a choice… it’s 70 and sunny outside right now… and all i want to do is ride.

fell through on the buyer’s end. dammit.

So i’m back in the market.

thats shitty… well good luck finding a bike

yeah that sucks, i got mine coming some time this week, cant wait :slight_smile:

What? Where’s my phone call? :smiley:




Next weekend, we ride. :tspry: I’ll give you a ring as soon as it comes in so I can drop over and show it off. :headbang:

Totally missed that. Saw the title and skipped it :slight_smile: