2007 Duramax Express Van

For sale is my 2007 Express Van with 150K on it. It has the LMM in it and a 4l85e for a transmission. I’m selling the van as a whole, but if you’re buying buy it because of the drive train as the van has recently been c-notched with a custom 4 link setup and a cantiliever rear end for air bags. It was aproject I was working on call “Demon X” and was to lay frame so I could get in and out of it with my wheelchair.

The motor runs great, transmission shifts perfect. Everything is there, the rear end, drive shaft, front suspension, brakes, wheels, etc… The van is whole, so you will have to pull the motor, trans, etc. It has the full wiring and ecm.

I bought the van a year ago from a dealership, I will also have the clean title for you.

Looking to get 4K for the entire van.

I do have a 6 speed 6 less than 14K on it that I was planning on installing in the van. Transmission has the TCM, stock converter and 3ft of harness. Add on $500 for a total of $4500 and they’re yours.

Van is located in Altamont , NY 12009.

Looking for a quick sell so make an offer!

Here’s some pics of the van with the custom c-notch, 4-link and custom drive shaft loop:

Buy it and we can work a deal to finish it for the new owner too.

wanna sell the wheels and tires? i have ones i can trade so it can roll still

You can buy the whole damn thing and have a real diesel motor ;-)… None of that Ford… Dodge junk…

whoa! easy now ive only ever owned chevy diesels. Its very tempting but i have nothing to put the motor in right now.

LOL… Come on Gatville… Where you gonna get another motor like this… With ecm and harness and extra shit you don’t want that you can sell for that price… I’ll give you a shift special… $1000 off. $3500 for the van and extra transmission.

WhoaaaaA no more rape van smokies in front of bonesqueez ??? Lame

Tough times since I got out of the hospital homie… I don’t have any revenue… Things gotta be sold.

Sorry to hear man, but atleast your still here. There will always be other projects.

There’s gotta be somebody that will buy this to finish it and not just tear it apart.

I got $1500 cash. I want engine / trans harness ecm and related. You can scrap the rest to make more back. I also want the wheels/tires for Jon.

that would be nice, :number1


No Thanks. $3500.00 and that’s a steal.

What would be required to finish this? I’m trying to buy another house, but toys are always tempting

Air ride suspension, I have all the parts I could sell them with the van.

pardon my language, but what the fuckin fuck you fuck?!

good deal on a dmax alone.

I should save the post that wayne said he wanted to buy a dmax, now i know why hes selling off everything.

Front suspension needs to be figured out. Bag brackets and shock reloaction, as well as a steering tierod notch on the frame would get it down, but nobody makes drop spindles for the 3500, so its only going to lay as low as the front bags will compress.

Rear suspension is done, just need to be plumbed for air. Then sheet metal can be bent up to cover it back up and seal the van back off from the outside. just need to clean and undercoat the frame and powdercoat the moving removable components.

Need two new (used) side doors.

Front fender needs a touch of love.’

Thats really it. to make it a runner, then of course the skys the limit on how nutty you want to go.


Need this thing gone, reasonable offers entertained. (No Wayne, not $1500)

The drive train alone is easily worth $5500.00 - $6000.00 all day.

F me and my impulse buys. Sold.