2007 Suzuki GS500 Touring bike $1500

Guys I am going to send this to the auction but you all know if I think it’s a deal for someone I’ll post it up!

2007, 3400 miles, dropped on left side but not bad so it couldn’t have been moving when it fell, good tires.

$1500 if you or anyone you know wants it!!











this is a GREAT deal for a super reliable bike.

Thats a rookie driveway drop. GREAT DEAL!

lol, That was exactly what I thought when I appraised it. Luckily I never dropped any of my bikes.

Shit… If I didn’t have my money spoken for I’d take this in a heartbeat.

killer deal

That’s a hell of a deal!

Buy this bike and ride it to your new 14 foot Crestliner. You will be one step closer to awesome.

This is at the auction now so if you want this you need to let me know by Monday at noon!! I am not at the dealership starting tomorrow until next Saturday so PM me.

Maybe ill go to adessa and pick it up cheaper lol, most of the time bikes, wheelers and campers go for pennies on the dollar there

If you can buy it for less that means I’m losing money!!