2010 WRX new guy

I have basically a bone stock WRX premium hatch that I bought slightly used about a year ago. It now has just over 20k miles on it. In considering performance upgrades and doing some searches online, I wound up on this site.

I live in Morgantown, WV, and I’m not sure that there are any reliable shops nearby to get work done. I’m not really a car guy, have never done any car repair or upgrade work (my experience is limited to installing mudflaps and changing oil).

I’m happy getting any work done at a reputable shop, and I’m thinking about a Cobb Accessport, downpipe and catted exhaust, but that’s from cursory research, and I could be convinced otherwise.

I wouldn’t mind having a little more power, not for racing so much as performance driving. Nothing too crazy. I ride a Ducati Monster, which is great for the rural roads around here, and I would like my car to be able to get up and go a little bit more like my bike.

That’s about it–looking forward to learning a few things.


Welcome man :wave:

well good luck getting it like a ducati but wrx’s are nice cars. post some pics. and ive been to morgan town. awesome weekend. but i live like 2 hours away in pittsburgh so if your willing to drive a bit i might know some places for you