2021 Mustang Model Y (Mach-E)

Can I have the way this one looks on a model Y drivetrain?

So it’s definitely an SUV right?

It’s definitely ugly, I’ll give them that. Like you graft one of those overly tall Chris Bangle era BMW hoods onto a shitty Mazda CUV. Then to rub salt in the wound you slapped the Mustang name on it besides.

Reminds me of the hideous bmw 550 gt

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I knew I recognized it!

Time to update the logo I guess.

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In my opinion they pull off the look better because of the flares above the wheels. I love how they addressed the front end vs the lord voldemort look of the teslas. Should not be called a mustang though.

Agreed 100%

Are we all forgetting how successful the Mitsubishi Eclipse has been since changing to an SUV?

Oh, right.

That rear 1/4 looks like every other CUV on the road right now.

It’s funny they called it the Mustang but at the end of the day, it’s go everyone talking about it. It may have worked for them on getting the attention.

Well, if they do this then it all makes sense:

Looks a lot better in Shelby concept car form.