25% off silverado crew cab over 11k off


smoking deals on these just like the one above that is over 11k off call me
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What kinda price are we looking at with a GM employee friend discount? Will have the code tomorrow. Looking for a ext cab. With a 5.3. Will prob lease. Just got my wife an Equinox in November. Now it’s my turn.

Out of curiosity since it’s been a few years - is GM Option 1/Employee Family pricing still going? My in-laws both retired from GM and I’ve bought a few on the program. If it is, is it 25% off of the employee price? Last I checked it was 10% off MSRP? This would bring a 45k MSRP truck (Z71 Crew) down to under 30k?

I guess I was late to the party:)

I’m hoping the same. Says it stacks with most discounts.

give me a call

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the 25% includes all discounts/rebates I believe