3.4 pulley 2000 Gtp

I am looking to have someone install my 3.4 pulley on my 2000 grand prix. i know there are some gtp guys on here need someone that has a puller and could do the job.

What pully? supercharger pully? or crank?

I used to have one but I lost it…

I do have a DHP PCM for sale for a 2000 GTP interested? Well worth it!

got a zzp 1.0

go on unycp.com and make a user name its the local grand prix forums there a bunch of guys on there that would be more than happy to do it for you, i would but i dont have a puller and never did one before and would rather learn on my car before screwing up someone elses.

lol already on the fourm i posted and no one will do it i want to watch the first time before i do it myself

it’s really easy… where do you live?

pm Loudgp

pulley swap, is that safe?

he lives in falls

yes its a very common GTP mod. hes talking about the SC pully

i think my friend told me about this over on unycgp, you can do it man, just take your time and go get the right bolts for it. its not hard.

im sure i could do it but id rather watch the first time i bought a modular pulley system so it only has to be done once and the rest i can do easy

oh ok. well where do you live? and did you get the ZZP pulley? its all about doing it right the first time like you said.

Innovative just ordered the puller. Call Mike, his guys can do it.

Bring everything to cruise night and we’ll install it there

yes it is very common to do but you need supporting mods or you will have knock. Yes you can just throw it on and call it a day but you can bet your motor wont last as long as you want to if you dont have anymods to help the motor breathe and you need colder plugs as well.

if you bring this to cruise night let me know cuz i wana see it done before i install mine.

Kinglou is the snout on your car ground down for under 2.6s, or stock with full support ribs?

My brother did this on his car. It made a huge difference.

buy the pcm from SilverGTP.