(4/17or 4/15) it's baaaaaaaaaaaaack.....

after a pretty good argument and me eventually getting my way, the R/T will be out on the prowl and ready to roll by monday night. i’m going to Mighty for god’s sake (transmission leak and all), who’s with me???

If you plan on going tomorrow Ill go up there…no work on fridays=ownage

monday my friend, monday

monday is the 17th buddy!

so ur mom let you put it on the road?

that has to suck when you can’t decide when you want your car back on the road…

yeah it deffiately does. especially going to meets or driving around on a nice day (like yesterday) knowing my truck is at home sitting in the garage and i cant drive it.

shiney paint is happy paint :slight_smile: what a happy truck.

that truck shines alot better then that pic shows. unbelieveablly clean

I might stop by on monday @ around 11 or so… Depending on weather…

man you should get your own insurance and get that title in your name. That would drive me nuts if i couldent put my own truck on the road…

looks good though :tup:

i got insurance cards in my hand and im gonna be at the DMV at 7 A.M. tomorrow morning. if thier open, that means i can drive it tomorrow. who’s up for some cruising?

if theres a meet tomorrow ill be durr

any1 up for tomorrow afternoon and/or evening?

im game wat the else would i do

I dont see why not as long as the weather is shitty…I have to go out that way anyway to pick up some :snky: for the whip. Maybe by some crazy chance it will be installed on the car too…who knows…

that have snubbers on it? nice truck, best looking dakota IMO.

give us a time and place…and decide soon

so far i will attend

i have to help my friend put his 5.0 Lincoln back together this morning. lets say Mighty at like 8? any1 wanna make any other suggestions