4/30 fair weather drivers come out and play

Looks like http://image.weather.com/web/common/wxicons/52/34.gif@ NCCC.:cool:

Get off your ass and click this link

That is all.

Saturn of CHAOS = registered

i’m all set to go … hopefully we’ll ahve those helmets in for you guys

been registered for a while…hopefully it stays nice nd we get nice runs in

Damn wish I could go… Anybody want to take my Periodontics Final For me?

on a sunday :gay:

I’ll be there enjoying the sunshine lol and hitting a few cones on the way;)

Damn finals on Monday morning, I’ll still try to come out.

I am hoping to set up the back lot like the rain event last year. The means a long, fast sweeping turn. 3rd gear, here I come!

I was just thinking about that…how we had that course and it rained…i remember Dale sayign we need to remember this course for when its dry…hopefully Andy doesnt break a brake rotor this time

Good deal. That was a great course that was ruined by bad weather.

Hmm… Snow tires still means I am a no go.

cool, that was a fun course,

i dont think my car will be ready yet. :frowning:

That course rocked!

it would be even better if ur brakes worked

Bah, probably won’t be out this weekend. Was looking forward to mowing down some cones in somedude’s winter beater.

ill be there!. cant wait for a fast course.


67* and 0% rain

pre-registration closes tonight

Dam it… I got 8 finals to study for. Im starting now lets see if I can finish by tonight…