4 Million Dollar GM Mistake - NOT an April Fools

"The accounting department of General Motors has dropped the ball again by accidentally paying nearly $4 million to Paulis J.R. Industries for a part worth $1,988. The accounting mistake can be traced back to a typo on the invoice that erroneously listed the quantity of parts ordered as 1,988 instead of 1.

Jack Paulis, owner of Paulis J.R., made repeated attempts at returning the money though was turned away multiple times by the company’s apathy concerning the gaff. After finally being instructed to mail a check back to the company, Paulis contacted a local news station that got involved, thereby inciting the interest of the sleeping giant. Paulis was then quickly instructed to drop the check off at a local GM office."

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After telling them once or twice, i would have sent a thank you note

yea really, after getting turned away i woulda just kept it!


GM = Generous Motors:shrug:

4 mil is nothing to a company like gm. they’d probably rather him keep it than make it a national joke like this.


4 million dollar typo hahaha

4 million / 200 billion revenues = .002
for the average person that makes $50,000 a year, thats equivalent to $100.
They’ll live.

opps. rather then admitting the mistake, they probably just let them keep it.



I would’ve deposited that shit.

:word: me too, really really quickly

Josh, do you search daily for anti-GM news stories? :gotme:

New house in the bahamas what?

what a dumbass… they would have never noticed. I am an honest guy…but I would HAVE to play the odds on that one!

they better let him keep some of the money for being honest.

atleast a new car… not made by GM if they wanna be really nice

I would have cashed that shit and been long gone…:pimp:

he probably has a rss feed with anything Anti-GM realted flashing in massive bold letters on his desktop. LOL Didn’t your grandfather work for gm Josh?

One side of my family is hard-core GM. I’ve got relatives who work for them and my grandpa (RIP) was semi-high up back in the day, so this kinda stuff always falls in my lap or I just x-post from www.GMHate.com. I wouldn’t waste my time searching for this kinda stuff just like I wouldn’t waste my money investing in them :wink:


How many times do I have to tell you that you can’t base all these negative opinons of a company based on your experience with the Corsica :stuck_out_tongue: