48 Plymouth Business Coupe - $4,500

Kristin’s dad is selling this, and I put all of my feedback behind it. Please email him, Randy, at mail@pikuet.com for any questions that I would not be able to answer.

The car is a 1948 Plymouth “Special Deluxe” Business Coupe. It has 57,000 original miles, runs and drives great. It is the original interior, and almost every part of the car is original. The chrome is in excellent shape, and it has new brakes and tires. Here are a few pictures.

The exterior:


The interior:


The engine bay:


Again, please email Randy at mail@pikuet.com for any questions. I can of course relay any questions to him, but this would be easiest. He would like $4,500 for it. It is located here in Rochester.

Thanks everybody!


Holy fuck does this thing have an assload of potential. Very cool ride.

dayum I dont know much about these old rides, but $4500 seems like a steal. Car is awesome.

If I had a bigger garage I’d buy that in a blink. I don’t and I’m still tempted. Damn.


Anyone have $50-100k I can borrow to make it look like this?

The trim that’s missing in the pics is long gone I assume? Or does the owner have the pieces somewhere? This is very tempting. A little less money and this would be at my house.

Noice! I wish I had the room… :frowning:

so much potential… GLWS

That shit is dope! Someone ls swap this thing.

I assume it’s missing, or else he would have put it on. He has restored at least one of these in the past, but he wants to focus on restoring his VW instead of a second one of these.

This would be a fucking awesome hotrod for someone :eekdance:

I’m rick james bitch.

Sooooooo cool.

Can’t believe this hasn’t sold at that price. Somebody buy so I don’t. LOL

GLWS :tup:


holy crap I dont like old cars and this thing is pimp.

Bump for a solid daily!

if only my yard wasnt covered in dsm’s already…someone come clear them out