500+whp Honda Part Out


Synapse Front Mount Bseries Turbo Kit


Kit has made 575WHP on an 84mm GSR
Synapse “Front Mount” Manifold
GT3076r Turbo. .63/.82 Hotsides
Garrett core/Synapse Custom Intercooler
2.5 Inch Charge Piping
3 In Downpipe/Vband where it meets rest of exhaust
44mm Tial Wastegate(Silver)
50mm Tial BOV(Silver)
All Couplers and Tbolt clamps
All Oil and coolant lines and turbo fittings

T1 Catchcan-$225
T1 Vacumn Block- $50

Hasport Driverside and rear mounts $200

Kteller 3inch exhaust/Magnaflow muffler/Vband where it meets the dp- $225

Brand New M&H Racemaster Slicks(24.5s) mounted on 15 inch gunmetal Rota Slipstreams- $400

Powdertech powdercoated blue, cleared JDM ITR Valvecover. 2 -10 Bungs welded in the front. Cam gears cut out.(Thing is the sickest valve cover i’ve seen yet!) $150

GSR Timing Belt Kit- (Tensioner/spring/belt) All OEM Honda- $100

94 GSR Block. Nothing but Block and Main Caps-$250 SOLD!!!

Clutchmasters Stage 5 Clutch with pressure plate. USED-$100 SOLD

94 GSR Head No Cams/Dizzy/VC. Amazing Shape! -$500 SOLD!!

Autometer gauge pod for 92-95 Civic. Includes C2 Autometer Boost/vac gauge, and C2 Autometer Oil Pressure. All hardware included - $100

Percision 1000cc Injectors- 3000 Miles if that on them. -$215 SOLD!

Minty GSR Crank-$150 SOLD!

Mishimoto Dual Core Radiator w/slim fan- 150 bucks SOLD

Stock GSR complete Intake manifold with throttle body etc. -$125 SOLDD

Mint GSR Cams- $100 SOLD!!

GM 3 Bar Map sensor- $60 bucks

Resistor Box-$25

B-Series Axles-$80

B-Series Shift Linkage with Stainless steel short shifter and skunk 2 shift knob- $150

OBD1 GSR Dizzy- $140 SOLD!!

B16 trans. Taken apart. Case and diff are fucked. Everything else good- $120

Will include more when i go sift through some stuff at the house

:umm Dont do it!!! :lmao

NO :headbang



Put it all back together and ill buy it :lol

You always wanted that shell didnt you

No thank you. That would run me around $3k. Which i will never see again

Yeah, i really wish i had some extra cash right now…

Ahh, gotya

Dont get me wrong i would love to hold on to her but modding a car, 5k loan, and school ftl.

put it back together and sell it for more? maybe?

No it wouldnt sell for more. Plus at that point i would want to keep it :headbang

50bucks???..but seriously good luck

I’ll give you 4k for the car and turbo kit, and you can help me put it back together again. :hug

Bump for a clean car and a good seller.

Damn your cams are over priced kid


I’ll take the rad/fan if you still have it next week and if you are serious

Sure, go pick up some junk 50 dollar “GSR” cams on hondatech. things are prolly fuckeddd like most of them. These are mint

Sounds good Lance


yes your next car will be nice but come onnn

bump for seller not being a d bag