Parting Out Bootlegcivic 502whp Hatch!!!!

If you think any prices are out of line just shoot me an offer and we can work something out.

I would like to sell the Mani, DP + Dump tube as one package for $550 obo
Turbo Kit
Ram Horn Mani (Rev Industries) $400
3" Downpipe $125
Wastegate Dump $50

Slave Cylinder $40
3" Kteller Exhaust $300
B series Axles and Half Shaft $35 a piece $100 for set.
2 Rear B series Motor Mounts

A-Pillar Dual Gauge Pod $20
Sunpro Boost Gauge $5
Sunpro Oil Gauge $5

Brake Swap $375 picked up OBO
(S2000 Caliper
RSX Type S 12" Rotors
S2000 OEM Pads
Integra Knuckles)

Sparco 4pt Cam Lock Harnesses $100
1 Sparco Pro 2000 Seats $250
Slim fan $50
Sparco Steering Wheel (Detachable Hub) $100
Full-Race Style Traction Bars $150
Fluidyne radiator $225
Golden Eagle Vacuum Box $30
ECU w/neptune $225
Clutch Masters Stage 5 6 puck Unsprung $150
1x Sparco Pro 2000 Seat (Rip on arm rest) $200
Type R Head w/omni power springs + retainers $650
CTR Cams $300
Coolant Lines $50
Oil Lines $50
ARP Headstuds
ITR Transmission w/OEM LSD $825
Golden Eagle Cam Gears $140
FMIC Bar&Plate Back Doored (28.5x9x2.5) $125
Resistor Box $20
Shift Linkage $80
Injectors $200
Shell $900
MSD plug wires $20
Wastegate $140
AVCR $325
GT3076 T3 Flange .63a/r $930
GM 3 Bar Map Sensor $50
Short Block $1250
Booster + Master $40
OBD1 Vtec Wiring Harness $70



It only has 228whp, that sounds awfully expensive :lol :tong

Why are you selling this? you just got the new set up not to long ago… :ponder

I wondered the same thing.

Good luck Matt.

You would have a better chance of making that money by parting out.

I already have my eye on a bunch of parts if you decide to part…

You need your money for a lawyer!! What would you want though??

Because I drive this and a 95 civic hatch that’s stock. I would rather sell them both and buy a BMW or Mercedes with some big wheels + tint = Blowjobs.

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No road head in the honda?

Is this the one that got beat by the purple camaro? :rofl :tong


you manic. ;D

or is this the one the white K20 civic beat on the 285whp 6.5psi map?

or did both happen? :lol

:tong :sleep

Lawyer is covered because I put his kids through college, and the ticket fines won’t be due for expected 9 months, the guide rail bill won’t be here 'till 2009, and my car has been a project for years now so priorities are taking over.

I’d take anything I could to finish it :wink:

List of parts here

Cash in hand, if you decide to go that route.

Some other things too that are not listed are needed.

Rock the new 335i mang!

Good luck with the sale matt, Wish i didnt have the neon otherwise might seriously think about getting your honda.

Part it out. i want the injectors :lol


your running out of hondas to play with lol.

?? wtf