6.18.2005 - O

I feel like drinking since last night was a bust.

Oh well.


might come out later…going to see a moive…i’ll call u when i get out

I stopped by at 11…noones cars I knew were there and since my crap cell phone cant dial out…I left…so here I sit :frowning:

i was gonna go up…but i still see people online that said they were goin,lol…and now im too tired to drive myself…

anythin goin on tomorrow night anywhere?

bah…jsut got home from seein batman…now might swing over to a party…

bunch of losers! me and Sleepy were chillen MOB stYlEZ decked out in suits :wink:


anyone goin’ tonight? (6/22)

i’ll be stoppin’ by for a few…hope to see some of you :slight_smile:

^^^^i’ll be swinging by after work