7/27/05...O tonight

anybody goin…i’ll be there havin some drinks…figured these will be the last few good times we will have with howie…so might as well make the most of it…

i’ll be there around 11ish after work…

please for the love of God don’t get me too drunk i have to work tomorrow

i have a bachelor party to attend tonight, ill try to stop in at some point tonight!

i’ll be there!

I will probbley stop in with some people

Karateka guy dancing like MC Hammer… PRICELESS.

^^^LOL…i can’t stop watching it

Have to go tile a floor and shower out in Ferdonia. Ill be up close to closing with a few doods.

ohh brendan that sounds like fun shit, tile floor and shower… Can’t believe they put ALL of that in the same building.


^^^oh shut up and just go…who cares if ur broke…

i feel like going maybe ~_~

^^YAY…u better be there u son of a bitch

i may be up der


well im still watching topgear

maybe after its over :wink:

i changed my mind I ain’t going out too tired

twas a good time to be had by all.

It was pretty much dead at 2 :lol: I was wayyy too tired and hungry to hang around, stupid 10 hour drinking days