7/29 NYI

Interested in putting together a posse and heading up to nyi, find out exactly how slow the gtp is, by then my timing issues should be all set. Whos down?

well shit by that time i BETTER have my car back, so count me in!

:tup: i’ll go

I hope I get my car back together by that time :tup:


If I’m comfortable with shifting in the 91 I’ll head up. Pulls harder than the 94, but I am the suck at not chirping noobie style :frowning:

if im back from vac. from then and i have my car back from don. yes.


if Jay goes in his FD and races it I will go.

vq30de your avatar has me ROFL everytime i look at it :lol: :lol: :lol:

I’d go but running 20s in the 1/4 isn’t on my to do list



And Xander has to race as well in his FD…

against eachother…


5 lbs. of shoes and clothes helps the power to weight ratio :wink:


I’ll be up there carl, I have to go early…need to be back here at 9

well seeing tommorow is the 27th… i won’t be there :frowning:

dammit joo

tup tup

race of the century right here lolol :bloated:

hope more ppl can make it…