7/30 @ 8pm Starbucks Sunday Meet




good times :tup:


It was a pretty good turnout, lots of diff crowds too.

OMG OMG OMG (whaaaaaaa haaaapen?)
OMG OMG OMG (whaaaaaaa haaaapen?)



Good turnout, wish I had my car.

Air ride on s13

Great time, even the parade of cars doing 40 down transit, with the cop passing everyone in the median. Don great ta see you been a long fuckin time. Adam

Ban List
Ban List

Wow what a turn out- nice meeting some of you guys


i wish i could’ve been there :frowning:

Genki Domination Stickers
pjb,s e/bay build up

“The restaurant is closed! If you want to keep peeing on that, I’ll arrest you. I will NOT let you turn transit road into a speedway. Stop looking at me like you dont know what Im talking about. Get in your fucking cars and go back to where ever the fuck you came from NOW”



good turnout no dought, met some new faces :tup: I even got to show off my new slo DD lol


i went, didn’t no anyone there since it was my first time up there. I had the Cobalt SS/SC … and I was diff one of the slowest cars there. lol


who said that? :rofl:

Lot this Fri/Sat MARCH 27/28TH

APD when people pulled into mighty on Transit :slight_smile:


lmao, APD is so retarded. just like they brought out the assault riffles on us a few yrs ago cause they “caught us plotting to street race”


:lol: yea i almost pissed my self

…ah finally get to piss

dude cop… " insert gay cop talk"
…shit now i really need to piss.

:tup: good runs


:word: good runs, where are the vids. the people have united to demand teh vids!!!1!!

Anyone want a basically free Xbox360?



lookin forward to some re-runs once i get some issues worked out. :tup:…good times tho

Pioneer Double Din and MTX System


2000 civic hatch
2000 civic hatch

Shoulda asked the cop if you could piss on his tire instead, it would look like Tire Shine, but not :banghead:

APD = Anal Penetration Department