7/31/05 Taffy's Meet/Cruise, Where else???

Alrighty, weather.com is saying that the weather is going to be nice! It would be awesome to have a great turnout, plus a cruise since the last one I was on was a blast :slight_smile: Holla back :lol:

ill be in attendence for the Heavy Weight Bout that night



i’ll try to be there…


If I don’t have to work it.

u makin a meet and your still in disneyland :P… anybody see that bush just move?

what heavy weight bout do u speak of…

some turbo’d b18 hatch vs. a nova.

lol you better hush before the bush starts kickin ur butt :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m in town till Wednesday next week :slight_smile:

Man…I feel bloated.

Smiff Vs Troll Justin

gonna be big turnout this sunday… everyone come!

ill be in attendance

ill be there

im gonna be there

ONLY if I can drive in with a group of 5 other cars so I can feel specials.

i might go, and maybe ill bring my digi cam : )

How is that car cruise that is right down the street at buffalo sports garden? I was thinking of going there first, then hitting taffy’s later on. What is the turnout like there?