7-29 WHats going on tonight

everybody still meeting at taffy’s and then swinging to mighty after or what?

probly… might as well jut go to mighty

well is it mighty or taffys

if its taffys, everyone will end up at mighty anyway lol

mighty sucks tho

mightyyyyyyyy… i get out at 11… ill head up then…


ok, mighty at what time?

people will probably start showing by 9

how about taffys then southgate? or just southgate?

o just go to mighty brian…u know u love it there


taffys then all the way across town to mighty humm…

The hotness will be out tonight and I’ll be there around 9.

i might head out to mighty later

where mighty

mighty on sheridan and the blvd

How many people are going? I’m thinkin of swingin up to mighty

im sure there will be quite a few peeps 2nite and im bringing my cam just incase of a certain cobalt run :wink:

i guess im going to mighty ill prolly roll up with like 4 or 5 other cars that are not on the board