8/3/05 Mighty Meet

Last night it was discussed between some people that there would be a mighty meet tonight and some friendly action between a few cars. I’m saying meet there around 10-10:30pm tonight. We should get a cruise going before its too late because I know alot of people like to cruise but don’t wanna wait around till midnight. I’ll be wearing a white Thirdgen.org t-shirt if anyone doesn’t know who I am and cares to meet me or maybe punch me in the face :tup:

anyway yea, There will be some people up there!

If I can get those damned bolts drilled out I might be out.


I was there last night on the bike believe it or not. lol I might stop up tonight…

i am gonna try making it there so i can take advantage of the "punch in the face’’ invite!

i have hockey until 11 or so but i may swing by afterwards

what cars are gonna have the action? might be there at10.5

i may be there. if i can get a certain redline to race a certain camaro and shut him up then i will def be there

I have no gas and 5 bucks to my name for the week. Unless someone wants to give me a ride, I’m out :frowning:

do u have a job ? lol

Indeed, but for some reason my insurance company made me pay for my 94 which… was… off the policy before the month began, so why would I prepay the insurance on it when its not there? That, and the 230 bucks it cost to put the mammoth on the road = :tdown:

im always confused…

wheres this mighty??

also, where’s taffy?

the mighty is on sherdin by niagra falls blvd

taffys is on southwestern in the tops plaza near union.

I was sad no one came to “punch me in the face”. All the normal faces that I see there day in and day out. Got a few good runs in, 2 wins and 1 lose for me on the night. I was sad that the is300 didn’t wanna play though :frowning: Really would have liked to see what that race would of ended like. Always some good fun!

And the sti did beat the camaro :tup:


I think the clutch is just about toasted in the toreass, after last night.

Of course, as soon as you get that POS back running and I want to run ye you break again. I hate you :frowning: