90-96 300zx in wreck yard red/automatic

hey 2 days back i went to wreck yard in mississauga, i saw 90-96 nissan 300zx in wrecker for parts, thought to pass it around if someone is looking for parts for their 300zx, passenger headlight, hood, and passenger hood is good, also bumper is good as well … top is missing and some interior parts, rims also missing but but trunk and tail lights still on the vehicle

hey man thanks for the info i really need body panels for my car. Could you please tell me which auto wrecker it is in mississsauga also did you happen to notice if its a 2+2.
Again thanks in advance.

its call cooksville auto wrecker
major intersection is mavis and central parkway in mississauga between dundas st and burnhamthorpe rd, ummm also i have the num 905-277-0356
i dont know if its 2+2 cus seats and cluster was missing and its non-turbo good luck

well if u guys looking for ne particular parts for 300zx or ne nissan vehicle i can get them … i still know lots of pplz selling complete front end of 300zx jdm, headlights, fenders, twin turbo engines or whatever u need pm me

Im looking for a set of OEM cats in non working condition as long as they arent gutted, let me know thanks

anyone selling the power steering pump? thanks

I will be selling mine very soon. Within the next week actually. I’ll check if you’re still interested by then.

Are you looking for an NA PS pump or TT PS pump up to 94 or a TT PS pump for 95-96?

hey Pat i need everything from downpipes to exhausts for the tt swap. so if you’re going to sell please let me know.

My downpipes and exhaust are for the NA engine. I put them on the TT engine. I’ve been using them for a year and I must say, they are the biggest restriction to the potential power of the stock motor.

Also, if this is for your 2+2, these will not fit. These parts are for a 2 seater car.

If you want stock 2+2 TT exhaust, then I would suggest a member named “jschrauwen”. His name is John
He imported a 2+2TT a year or two back (I’m sure you know 2+2TT cars were not offered in North America) and he has since changed his exhaust. I’m not sure if he still has the stock exhaust system but you might want to try him out.

His id:

Hey Pat, i need a NA 91 power steering, thanks!

sorry Pat, completely slipped my mind about the 2+0 vs 2+2 difference, i must say its a pain.:RO
I pm’d John awhile ago and he wasnt sure when he was planning on replacing his whereas i kind of need it within the next 2-3weeks. but ill try to find out again.
just out of curiosity, does anyone know which part of the exhaust system is longer for a 2+2, is it the testpipe/cats or the x-pipes?

Sorry man. I’m using the only NA power steering pump that I have.

I’m not sure what parts are longer, but I remember seeing the systems side by side a while ago and with the dimension change it seems like everything is stretched out just a bit and in a different shape. I would say, if you’re looking for something that quickly, then a 2+2 system from ebay is probably your best bet. That way you get a bit of aftermarket + a free’r flowing system at the same time. I can only imagine that finding a 2+2 TT setup in North America is the biggest bitch.

IIRC, the stock 300 uses an H-Pipe setup and not an X-Pipe. I could be wrong though.

Does anyone know if this car is still at the cooksville?

^^^ sadly the car actually got crushed the day toofast4u posted this thread. if u dont mind me asking what were you looking for.

I need both front tension link brackets and oem fog lights.

Any one for a 2+2 rear wing? twin turbo style.

im looking for front brakes from 300zx if anybody knows of any pm me. thanks