I found this pic on an old Photobucket account of mine, it’s my friends '92 Integra, circa maybe '99?
He went to UB, he actually introduced me to UBRF, user name 92RS aka Brian.
I was curious if anyone from those days (20+ yrs ago) remembers the car or him? Unfortunately, I lost touch with him many years ago, but I think he moved to Kentucky?

92 Integra

Didn’t he also go by “BubbaBeBumpin” (maybe on AOL messenger)?

He also did Formula SAE. Hung out / partied with him a few times (There were a couple UBRF “parties” at a house in south buffalo area if anyone remembers them, total forgot who the “hosts” were). Yeah, completely lost touch with him after he graduated. If anyone gets in touch with him say what’s up.

Brian Perry, I took a guess that he was friends with Krit and found him that way.

Yup, that’s him!
We used to hang out a lot at his house in high school. I had a friend that lived on Minnesota that may have hosted a few of those parties that we showed up to.
We used also go to The Steer and PJ Bottoms.

Bubba never be on Facebook!