Above & Beyond ;(


Above & Beyond is playing the guv on Feb the 14th but I am stuck here because of V-day… god I hate fake holidays


“Above & Beyond TV Episode One - Kiev And Paris”


I’m actually not upset about missing this one bit. The top ten is so blah right now.


Even worse, I just called my girlfriend to tell her and she said “That sounds awesome but you didn’t get your passport yet, ya dummy”



don’t know them… will have to check out later.


I’m actually not upset about missing this one bit. The top ten is so blah right now.

‘’’’‘I know but ‘’’’…last Time I saw them they where such cool guys that they made the vib at the party so fun… they also played some breaks with a house vibe mixed in…


ehhh they suck…heard them two years in a row at GUV…Mark Oliver came on after and killed it…They didnt even play “Air for Life” WTF!!!


That’s a good thing. It’s not 2005 anymore.


I havent heard anything new that I liked from these guys. Air for Life is so amazing tho…my favorite by far!


Bottom line: As of June 1, 2009, everyone from every country that comes to Canada by air, land and sea needs a passport or equivalent travel document

turn that frown upside down :slight_smile:


nothing special.


A&B are one of my favorites. But I gladly passed on this show. Markus Schulz at Pacha in NY was the best show ever.


Anjunabeats 6 was decent.
I dont know why everyone is hating on a&b.


Massive Bump. Perhaps biggest in NYSpeed history? Seeing them May 17th.


Are those Xbox usernames or bands?

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It’s hard to tell. Don’t fight it man, just let it take you away. 8)


Make sure you catch diplo on Sunday. He brought down the house at Stagecoach this weekend.


Will do! I thought I was the only old person listening to this stuff. It’ll be my 8th time (gf’s first, told her she had to go if she’s a fan of this stuff as it’s the world’s only event that takes place 7pm-6am), I remember going at 24 and pointing at “old” people.

My how the tables have turned.