Akon the great story teller

His story

I just wonder what will happen to him now since all of his street credit has vanished

who cares they all lie to sell records, thats the point

Kind of like Ashlee Simpson when she got busted for lip-syncing. No one will give two shits.

so, will someone kill him now? Please?

THIS JUST IN. who fucking cares

His music sells records, not his lies.


that’s deep, man

who cares

this is like 9/10 rappers/artists

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This thread works. I don’t think I ever started an Akon City thread.

I’ve been causally dropping the “why not move to Akon City?” line for about a year now. It’s basically going to be a real life Wakanda.

There’s been some news. I sincerely hope he can make this happen and look forward to seeing this African field of dreams come true. :neutral_face:

Akon, the Senegalese-American singer of 2006 hit “Smack That”, has said the city will attract tourists and create thousands of jobs. U.S.-based firm KE International said it plans to start construction on the $6 billion project next year.

But in Senegal, a West African country where villagers drive horse carts on unpaved roads, the proposal has met with suspicion and bemusement.

Future or fantasy? Senegal questions 'Akon City'

He’s still in it

lol good thread to kill some time, first post is interesting

Just checking in on Akon City. Still no progress. I’m starting to lose hope.