Albany Speed Shop and Hunts Machine Shop

Man the news keeps getting better.

We have hooked up with Dave Hunt in Schedy.

Dave is a friend of mine who has done a lot of work for me personally and for our Saab dealership.

We are now co-operating with each other to give you A COMPLETE PACKAGE.

he does everything motorwise in the machine shop VERY well and has an engine dyno to start the tuning and break in proceedures correctly…

there after we will dial it in perfectly on the chassis dyno.

So if you need anything motor wiae done to you ride…
Call ASS and we will handle your inquiry and bring stuff to and from Hunts.

Now if you like call him yourself, but tell him ASS sent you there…or else!!

We Build Speed!!


PS…pass the word!!!:hyper:

What is he comfortable tuning?

mostly carbed domestices…race engines etc.

we will do EFI tuners and domestics here!

Hes really good!