AMS R33 Vspec 2 piece brake kit and 240SX shifter special intro pricing...


• 2-piece AMS R33 V-Spec front rotor kit (12.75”) designed for Z32 30mm calipers
• 2-piece assembly features an aluminum hat (T6061 aircraft grade aluminum) for reduced weight and improved heat dissipation
• AMS 2-piece rotors shave 1.1 lbs each vs standard sized Z32 1-piece rotors - each pound of unsprung weight is comparable to shaving 4 lbs off the chassis!
• 2-piece design benefits include the ability to allow the cast iron disk to expand/contract uniformly as temperatures rise/fall under hard applications! Minimum distortion leads to increased rotor duration!
• 2-piece R33 rotors increase braking leverage (less force required for the same braking dynamics). Multi-pillar vanes ensure maximum cooling!
• AMS rotors feature 16-slots for aggressive bite! Slots eliminate the possibility of cracking versus crack-proned cross-drilled variants!
• Kit includes: 2 x AMS R33 rotors, 2 x T6061 caliper adapters and hardware

Kit Requires 17" rims to fit!

Website special price $549 usd
Son240sx intro price $499 CAD (while quantities last)


• The AMS Short Throw Shifter replaces the factory assembly and is designed to optimize shift feel, while shortening throw by approximately 40%!
• Base is constructed of billet T6061 aircraft grade aluminum
• Shift lever constructed of premium grade steel for ultimate longevity
• OEM shifter bushing is included

Will fit: 1989-1998 240SX / 91-94 Pulsar GTiR

Website price $95 usd
Son240sx price $95 CAD

those shifters are good

had mine for 4 months or so and no issues

do u have a rear brake kit aswell?

For the rear we offer the AMS max slot rotors and pads, which are stock sized z32 brakes. We can offer an option to get all 4 corners for any of the guys running z32 calipers all around.

Will these rotors work with the R33 GTR brembo system? i.e. could i use just the rotors on a r33 GTR(non v-spec) if so how much? i LOVE slotted rotors!

Do you take paypal?
Also do you ship to Quebec at this price?

Kevin Grenier
Team Kumho Drift

How does the quality of the shifter compare to the North American benchmark, B&M?

I haven’t personally experienced the B&M shifter, but the quality is up there with the rest of the AMS products, quality is our main concern which is why we can offer warranty on our products without worry. :slight_smile:

I assume the shifter is the same quality as the bings knock off B&M? If so there is NO comparison between the real deal and the knock off.

The shifter won’t fall apart but the feel just isn’t there with out the precision machining of the B&M.

My opinion of course.

Do you offer the rotors in 4 lug?

In my personal experience it’s best to base opinions on personal experiences… You could try one in somebody’s car or even buy one to test out to see if you like it and then, feel more than free to post your opinion :slight_smile: However seeing as your opinion is based on assumption (you did start your reply with “I assume”) I don’t see it being too beneficial to this thread.

We currently offer these for 5 lug only.

Can you put together rotor for '95 Maxima and how much it will cost?

Sorry, we don’t have maxima rotors.

I have Project Mu rotors but when I need to change ill 4sure buy these, looks like a solid product, Does this shifter work for SR20det 5 speed? Would you make one?

The shifter also works for the sr20det transmissions :slight_smile:


If you made the shifter for a skyline gearbox i would try it out. any thoughts of making one, i believe its just the bushing that is different.

r33 GTS-T transmission shifter? i know for a fact its differnt from all R32 skyline shifters.

We are currently working on one for the r32 gtr skylines. as far as installing the 240sx/silvia shifter into an r32 gts-t there are some fairly simple modifications that need to be done, mostly swapping over a part from a ka tranny into the rb20 tranny.

We haven’t released an r33 specific shifter yet either, something to look into though since they are now available in Canada :slight_smile:

id b intrested in one a them shifters im in North Bay ont how bads shippingto my area