And The Winner Again... The Integra!

oh crap…

just proves -

theives r dum

i love the pic of the early 90’s teg they are calling a 99

if they were dumb, they would steal vr4’s and would have to sit on the parts forever and a day.

proves thieves are dumb

when they tried to steal my integra without an engine last month :bloated:


I was kidding in my post… but then you brought real world shit into the thread. That hurts.

BTW - When you wanna race?

as soon as i break in that new motor, and turn the boost up over 1 bar :slight_smile:

I spike to 1+ all the time… :wink:

"In a photo provided by the Honda Motor Co., a 1999 Acura Integra 4-Door LS is shown. The 1999 Acura Integra coupe was the most-stolen vehicle last year in 2004 and Integras from other model years weren’t far behind, likely the targets of street racers who want their fast engines, according to a report released Tuesday, July 19, 2005. One out of every 200 registered 1999 Acura Integras was stolen last year, said Chicago-based CCC Information Services Inc., an insurance industry tracker of theft and vehicle damage. (AP Photo/Honda Motor Co., ho) "

Why the hell would Honda supply Yahoo with a pic of a 99 4dr… when the story is based on the coupe? Honda sucks. :wink:

I’m with Jack on this one. :slight_smile:


i dont even have a door handle anymore, thats my anti-drug…or is it anti-theft i forget