and you thought we would never find out X

X says :tdown: to supras

but :tup:to being in the wiggles!

How Xander paid for the FD…

“The Wiggles are proving children’s entertainment is big business after they topped the country’s (Australia’s) 50 richest performers.
The group earned £18.4million last year following their success in Britain and America - up from the previous year by £5.7million. Nicole Kidman came second after almost doubling her earnings in 2004 and earning £16.3m.”

hahahahahahahah! x is on the far left

:lol: funny thing is…

thats not a photoshop.



SWeet i knew x was a “chester at heart”

Busted. :gay:


:lol: those first 2 pics look so close, even the shirt color

no collar up?



wow, you really could pass for that guy. im supprised you dont have kids ambushing you in the mall and shit.

^ lolol

Shit, if I am dozer… Xander shall now be known as “wiggles”.

Fucking hilarious!

The real question is why the hell does Spencer know who the wiggles guy is, and what he looks like???

hey I didnt find it, I think the boys at hybrid had wiggles crackers or something.

:rofl: ahhahahahahahaah this too funny, wiggles hahahahahaha

and Jack that pic is great ! :rofl:

i can’t stop laughing…