Another build...


What water pump is that?


Davis Craig with a controller it basically runs the water pump via PWM and controls fans so you can maintain whatever temps you like without a thermostat.



umm whoa.


I feel like it always should be this way…im sure this cost more but from a design standpoint seems way more efficient that traditional thermostat design. Your build looks amazing.


It’s actually not bad compared to the standard electric pump people use.

If I stop having issues with random shit it might run this year…I just had the transmission gone thru and that needed some money into it.



Lookin great. :tup:


that looks awesome
Every time i see twins i always think why doesn’t anyone make mirrored turbos…



Looks great. I thought Vibrant stopped making the clamps with the cutouts



They still have them I didn’t realize the design clamp is way better…but you can just buy the new style clamp piece alone for cheap.


Yea, cool. I figured thats what happened. I was sure to get the new style when I bought mine.



Couple weeks away from firing it up


:tup: to still living the speed dream!


God damn


What mufflers / resonators are those?


Magnaflow stainless

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I was standing around talking to MrSmith about this two days ago 17 years later we are both still doing car stuff.


Yeah but is @MrSmith building a drag monster like you or just enjoying his car still like me?

Different degrees of “still doing car stuff” :slight_smile:


Well once this POS Mustang is done I will be getting a C6z