Another build...


Trying to plan this crap out

Got some stuff coming to build a frame and roll cage mounts for the carbon fiber panel.


Pumped to see it all done!



Slowly getting there rewiring a car from scratch takes a long time Gary has been helping out immensely

New solid state relay for battery cut off

Front lighting harness in progress




Added this for the trickle charger

Before anyone says anything yes im relabeling the relays later


Looks great, good job. :tup:




This makes me not feel so bad about the wiring I have to do, haha. Looks nice. Have you driven this thing at all?


Last season end of the year…It should be out next week.


Need to clean up a few little things but car runs and drives again woot

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Just finished up putting new brakes on took it for a cruise and it dropped a valve…So no track time…No dyno pulls…No high boost.

So now motor is sold and it’s getting a forged LSx


Damn dude that sucks.


It’s just laughable at this point honestly…I was planning on going through the motor this winter but I have literally put 150 miles on it since I purchased the car :lol: lol:

Such is life might as well finish replacing the 30% of the car I already haven’t


Titties and Tires nothing but problems.


keeper didn’t seat completly and popped out?


Probably something else since the motor was rebuilt a couple years ago and I haven’t touched the valve train…doesn’t matter at this point and I don’t care motor is sold onto better things.




Short block is at the machine shop now…

Cleaning up the engine bay hoping to have engine bay all cleaned up and finished in a month and then drop the motor in.

Currently trying to figure out if im doing a large single or some medium sized twins.


New fuel pump setup

New water pump setup

Short block is done