Another build...


Since the Camaro is going to be a couple year project ever since we decided to cut it all up. I purchased this and then remembered that carburetors suck…

I decided to switch it over to Holley Dominator EFI it should simplify a lot of things since the car had a carb/ignition box/AMS1000 boost controller/data logger all separate and I can do everything inside of Holley.

Edit: huge thanks to Muscle Car Alley, Gary(I guess he works on stuff besides DSMs), and Vanstrom Performance for all the help getting all this together in a short period of time.

So I went and ordered all this crap

If anyone is interested its all this

Holley EFI Dominator ECU. P/N 554-114 1

Holley EFI Main Power Harness. 558-308 1

Holley EFI Universal MPFI (Multi Port Fuel Injection) main engine 558-104 1

GM LS Sub harness’s Depending on coil type. 558-307 1

Holley EFI COP Sub Harness. Connections for Holley Smart Coils. 558-312 1

Holley EFI Universal Ignition Harness. 558-306 1

Holley EFI Ford EV1 Injector harness. 558-209 1

Holley EFI J2A Input harness. Pre-terminated for second wideband O2. 1

Holley EFI NTK Wideband O2 Sensor 554-100 2

Holley EFI 5 Bar MAP Sensor. 554-108 1

Holley EFI Coolant Temp Sensor. 534-10 1

Holley EFI Air Temperature Sensor. 534-20 1

Holley EFI HI-Performance C-N-P SMART COIL 556-112 8

Holley EFI J1A/B Input/Output Auxiliary Harness. 4 Inputs/4 Outputs. 558-400

Holley EFI Boost Control Solenoid. 557-200 2

Holley EFI Stainless Steel 100psi transducer. 554-102 1


Holley 554-118 Hall Effect Crank Pickup

Then we stripped all the wiring in the car

Then bought some more stuff

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Had to change out the intake manifold/fuel pressure regulator for EFI

The hotside all got wrapped and the turbos are getting turbo blankets


Throttle body got vbanded

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New steering shaft

Strange master

Coil brackets

Family member was night enough to shoot me a whole box of racing gear

We are getting pretty close to firing it up waiting on a few things to ship including bottle bracket for the CO2, push lock fittings for the wastegates, brakes, and a few other small things

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Original plan was to rewire the whole car with an aftermarket harness but the factory one was stripped and repaired. The car will can get a complete aftermarket body harness this winter when I switch it over to digital dash and change a few other things around.

New master installed leaving a lot more space






good god


And here I wondering if I should spend $200 on wheel spacers…


lol I can tell you this much I won’t ever try converting a SBC/SBF or something that didn’t come EFI over to EFI ever again way to much stupid crap that adds up.

There is something like $500 in AN fittings so far


Yeah lol, that’s a huge undertaking for sure.


Is it fast?


It went 8.50 @ 16X with the carb it had on it before…should probably pick up a little with EFI but its going to take many passes before I lean on it that hard.

Dumping some weight off(couple fiberglass parts and new moly cage) of it and fixing the paint this winter but its a street car so no 25.5 cage.


:bigtup:Shit. I guess it’s fast.

GL on your quest for 11’s


What happened to the SC C6?


Another member on here is now the owner of that, but I’ll let him decide if he wants to post up :snky:


Sold it another member bought it probably picking up another C6 or a C7 in a couple years after I get a bigger garage.

All my friends got back into racing at the track and having a 750hp street car when I don’t street was sorta pointless when it was 6spd and never gonna be great at the track.


Makes sense. That car looked like it really pulled. Hope I see it out again. New build looks pretty quick. Drew better step it up.


This thing is sweet, I want a drag car lol.


whoa nice :tup:


Drew has me covered with his new setup.

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Street car bro


You ain’t in Texas :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m thinking I want a nice older truck now, but that’ll change in two seconds.


Holley is mounted and mostly wired holding off on replacing the chassis harness for new just cleaned it up and fixed some connections. After I figure out if im replacing the front bumper for a new style I will replace the harness since you can get drop in harnesses with the correct connections for newer headlights.

Transmission pan had to be tapped for a temp sensor

Holley Solenoid for bump box

This stuff just came today 7 inch digital dash, progressive shift light, GPS speed sensor…I was originally going to keep the autometer style gauges and replace them over winter for a digital dash but this will be significantly easier since it plug and plays with the holley pcm.

Should be firing it up very soon

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Slightly more wired vs previous pics


Huge thanks to Doug Vanstrom(Vanstrom Performance) and Kevin(Muscle Car Alley) for helping get this thing running in a short amount of time.

Disregard the oil pressure I was two 0-100psi pressure sensors short when I decided to go all digital dash.