Another build...


Surprised no one noticed the car. Hope to see this thing moving out soon. Do you think you will have it out this year at all?


I’m out of town for a week but should be drivable when I get back.

A few pipes need to get welded, new front pads/rotors, add a couple more pressure sensors, drop the digital dash in.


I have to say that Holley is brilliant for making all these EFI components and software. Having one supplier for all these things has to make setup so much easier.

Good stuff!


This thread makes me want to get back into mustangs…I like it!


Looks nice, nice work!



that’s a funny looking carb


I love the use v bands


I was out of town this week but the guys at Muscle Car Alley made some more progress.

New stainless brake lines replaced the rubber ones, new pads rotors on the front and rear.

Redid some more wiring

Dual screen setup larger is the digital dash using the 3.5 for additional gauges

A2W intercooler got rewelded and vbands

      • Updated - - -

Oh and the tubular kit for the front frame rails came.



Is that a tablet? Bluetooth?


It’s 7 inch Holley digital dash, 3.5 inch Holley digital screen, Holley progressive shift light.

People use tablets to cut down on costs but for a handful of reasons I wanted the actual Holley dash.

The Holley dash has a input/output harness for turn signals/fuel level(it stabilizes the signal). It also accepts the Holley GPS speed sensor which is cheap and the Holley progressive shift light.


Awesome. I was going to say fuck tablets. Most times you can’t connect without using bluetooth. And unless you have a stock Miata the tach is going to lag and it will be terrible. GPS signal is nice too.


silly mustang owners :stickpoke:


Wheels were plasti dipped took them off and polished them :tup:

Runs and mostly drives with very little tuning…going to get some time into tuning it this weekend.


Makes me want to get back into it too :eekdance:.


Needed to do a quick test of the boost controller it makes 8psi on the gates it cold out and on the initial hit it started smoking the tires pretty good. Boost controller uses CO2 to control dome pressure but dialing in dome pressure isn’t 1:1 it took 10psi of dome pressure to make 16psi of boost.

However everything below looks pretty good im targeting AFRs off the left bank right now which should be more in line with target AFR.

Over winter

Rebuild the rear end with new axle/pinon seals
Switch the shocks over to menscers the strange single adjustables are leaking
Replace front seats with something fixed back.
Replace dash with fiberglass stock style
Install tubular front end kit
Replace front bumper with 86 outlaw bumper or possibly convert it to 87+ or newer as well as replace hood.


Waiting on these to show up to chop the front end off…

Few other things came

New steering rack and seats

Once the body work is done the rear end is getting rebuilt locally…then shocks and done back to working on the camaro.


Have you been able to get on the power at all? How does it feel now? This thing is sweet, can’t wait to see the Camaro.


Yea got it out in October it was making 8psi or so on the gates…It was blowing the tires off from a roll but the tires were pretty shot(metal showing now lol) I wanted to wait for spring to toss new tires on and not have them sit for 6 months over winter.

Turned it up to 14-16psi a couple times :tup:

But drivability is amazing now…fires up every time, holds idle no issues, tip in works great, roll/stop power comes on really nice.

The oil pan needs to come back off because the rear main is leaking we thought it was just pan gasket because the rear main didn’t look like it had an issues but its definitely leaking.

Last major thing it needs is shock since the strange single adjustables are leaking and rebuilding isn’t worth it looking at Viking shocks or Menscers.

Everything should be ready to roll by spring we were talking about going down to a track in Maryland before the season gets rolling up her.