Another build...


Freeing up some space for some turbo kit changes.

Hopefully new hood shows up in a couple weeks then off to get that painted.


I hope you drive the shit out of this thing on the street this summer


Tubular front end
Aerospace brakes
New steering rack

Now time to build a new front head light harness and do some body work.


Yeah, daily that thing already.


New carbon fiber stuff for the dash

New parachute/harness

New driveshaft sensor setup

Where it’s been spending most of its time

It’s getting close to being ready for the season I have a small list:

Rebuild front end wiring harness for fan/lights
Rebuild rear end
Install Seats/Belt/Parachute
Rear main

At some point during the season I will toss the new hood/bumper and new shocks on.


sweet, you going to toss this on a dyno for fun? Where you going to do some shake down runs?


Nice work!


Yea it’s real close on the street now I will toss it on the dyno soon to check timing on the plugs.


Out of curiosity what do you do for a living?


Real life hacker, helped leak Clinton emails. :oj:


Wrong, he directs and stars in porn.


probes and penetration


Fortune 100 companies, Governments, and various organizations pay me to break into all their stuff and then tell them how to stop other people from breaking into their stuff. I’m about to start a 3 month project for a large auto manufacture reverse engineering and testing all the security on one of their new cars. I also get to speak and teach classes on the topic all over the world its lots of fun.

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And all these things


I knew I shouldn’t have gone mechanical. Software/Electrical is where it’s at!!


I ordered a custom switch panel but this time a year that shit takes forever so I grabbed this to get it out for the season.

Got this sweet Leash board to rewire the chassis the factory harness wasn’t the greatest


Where’s the take off light switch? Lol


I spy a Ducati 1098 in the background


Not to high jack this thread but if any of you fellas on here wouldn’t mind giving me a ride in an 8 second car I’ll take you to lunch. I’ve been in something that can did low low 10s and I was extremely frightened, my stock viper does 12s and I could probably make a sandwich while I’m at WOT.

Also keep up the good work on the build.


If i had a fast car I’d trade you a ride in it for a ride in the viper. I’m surprised you say you can make a sandwich @wot in the viper, I thought it tries to kill you when driving?


DUDE all those viper articles are such exaggerations. At WOT shifting from 1st-2nd, sometimes the ass end jumps but I wouldn’t be surprised if my 20 year old engine mounts are shot (tho they look okay), but if you drive the car normally it’s perfectly fine. I’ll give the articles one plus, it is an incredibly uncomfortable ride, you feel every fucking bump, and that’s part of the joy. You are part of the road. It handles better than anything I’ve ever been in, and it’s all stock suspension. One of my fav things to do with chicks in the car is coming up on Union/William, making that right turn (heading towards harlem), everyone slows down, I just go at it at 50mph (40mph speed limit), they shit their pants (death grip on my forearm or the door handle) and wet their pussies at the same time, its so smooth like fucking butter, I’m sure an actual race car driver could do it at 100+

But in terms of straight line speed, my gixxer ran a low 10 and the digits on the speedometer would jump by 20-30mph at a time, faster than I could think, look down, look back up, and after that I never did WOT again.