Another hottie on my camera phone

The sweet camera phone comes thru again

I hate Ford, but I would rock this thing instantly

Goin home headin down Main St… I drove by it like 3 times… Almsot came to a full stop on Mian St the 3rd time becasue no one was behind me

nice pics,
what kind of GP do you have:)

OMGHI2u!! :tup:

yea i saw that baby today too

i threw it a couple revs but i guess it didnt want to play :gotme:

…although then again i think it was parked without a driver :wink:

i think thats the same guy that me and xander met, he told us we could sit in it, but i declined cuz i didnt wanna be responsable for the mess i woulda left behind

:hitit: …even though it’s a ford

ohh man i thought it was gonna be some hot underage chick :lol:



Croche, the owner of Darcys, the buffalo chophouse, bronwstone (where i work), and a few other things got one of those about a month ago. Any idea if that’s his?

There was an identical one to this at the Chophouse in May when I was there parked up front. Maybe he’s had it longer than a month?

I used to work at the Chophouse and Warehaus, Croce is a dick face, none of his employees like him. I’d piss on that car just cuz its his.

i saw a GT just like that at the OP country club parking lot

I’m playing OP CC in a couple weeks

he might’ve, i just saw it the first time about a month ago so i threw that in there haha

I heard Croche’s GT got totaled, when it was side-swiped? Either its someone elses or he got a new one?

going to sunset beach once, on that road that goes right along the beach right by surfers i think it’s called now? i dunno…anyway, a guy in a lexus suv in front of me pushes a button to open his garage door, pulls right into his garage, and parks right next to his red ford GT…so hot, only ford i’d ever rock…the only one…


…hey ! thats right across the street from my work :slight_smile:

you guys should see the black in person :slight_smile:

a black gt40, a black srt-10 viper, and a black murciellago all went through the tolls the other day at the same time…it was at like midnight too. Super hottest thing ever.

ha nice eye… its a blue GTP

yeah me too…it was a nice pic…but not as nice as underage hotness