Official "sightings" thread

okay i’m sure like everyone else on here, i’m kinda sick of seeing 15 of these threads each day. if you seen something, and want to know who it was, POST IT IN HERE don’t make a new thread, it will be closed guaranteed.

We had one of these. No one used it. Maybe try the sub forum option again?

lol @ a sighting posted in the gtg threads section

Dont cater to the masses…fuck that.

If you want to know who someone is…stalk them and wait til they go to a store or their home and ask them if they are on nyspeed. If they are not suggest that they join.

This has no place here.

I’d rather have ONE thread than a million…the rules are simple enough to follow, post in here, or it gets closed lol

or dont post it at all and lose sleep over it.

who has the silver audi that was on southpark in south buffalo today i beleive a a4, turbo and sounded very nice

perma them all.

anyone who feels the need to know who someone is because they saw their mid-priced, average car with slight mods should be perma’d.

AH! i saw a car…AH! i saw another one! oh shit there goes a 3rd…damn i wonder if they’re on here!!!

dude, don’t taint the bait.


today i saw a old bitch driving 20 mph down maple i then shot her dead

Grey STI Lewiston then onto 190south
8pm or a bit later last night, Driver wearing sunglasses. Lewiston then onto the 190. Driver gave a wave and a peace sign.

Your sideway exit exhaust is ill-jdm style. And the color looks great against that Pink STI badge. Who are you?

Mike- the white CT9A- IX driver

  • My girlfriend goes, “OMG YOU GUYS WAVE TO EACH OTHER!!!?”

Blue mustang, transit road.

looked like it was cut in half.

anyone here?

did you notice a neon near it?

I heard the neon blew it’s doors off.

Yea its got that sound that just make your car wanna tear in half. Call it the slaughter mobile


i saw that red eclipse with the non connected front mount again