Sightings Thread


Pretty self explanatory :number1


I saw your bike at work yesterday… Does that count?


i saw you and ur bike tonight when u did the little gay power slide… ;D



saw a silver/grey Lamborgini Murcialago (sp?) followed by a red NSX on 7.

I keep seeing the Murcialago around rt7 somebody local just get it?

Looks absolutly insane.


Sighted: Black BWM z3 roadster on albany shaker, with a full roll cage and black wheels with chrome lip. Looked sweet as hell.

Also spotted a chick driving a modified blue RSX Type S on washington.


i spotted a blue WRX with a TM sticker on it in the HVCC parking lot around 530pm either monday or thursday nite last week in front of the btc building…who be it?


TM = Technotic media?


you are correct


Bug eye or newer?


Saw a black Maserati Quattroporte on Central Ave. late last week…pretty nice car


I have to go change my pants now.


Ferrari F430, orange Lambo, I can’t even count how many Merc AMGs… Just another day down here.


I hate/<3 you!


Yes, it’s nice.


If you wanna see a bunch of expensive cars, hang out near 677 prime. The parking lot always has several nice cars.


I saw the Weinermobile last night!! haha, I took some pics of it. Liscense plate: BOLOGNA


I saw Mr2 Eric the other day on the bike on 87South, looked over at him, waved and he just gave me the wierdest look.

Maybe the tinted visor made it confusing, he still probably dosn’t know who I was lol.


hey dont forget i was there too dan


my friend’s grandfather has a scuderia red F430 and a twin turbo Carerra 911, he lives in Guilderland and drives the F430 daily…F430, sickest car ive ever witnessed


WIENERMOBILE??? I missed it? damn it I always miss the good stuff.