Today I saw.

[I liked this thread before, lets get it going again]

Today I saw whistle tips on a buick regal coming down NFB.

I was so confused at first :rofl:

The whistles went woot woooot.

oooo Janny’s old thread <- notice the correct placement of that ’ :smiley:

but anyway…

today I saw one of those ugly ass Mercedes SUVs
(the G500) what a waste of $80k

G-Wagon haha
today i saw a riced out solara at the driving range

woo wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Today I saw myself take a nap.

there was a really nice silver Ferrari vert on chippawa about an hour ago we drove by coming home from dinner for my bro at the Chophouse. Very nice car

I saw a GST that tried to run me on Transit with about 13245908746987346 cars in front and behind us.

I also saw a Honda having more problems than a Ford. Now THATs impressive. :slight_smile:

today i saw the toilet alot after a fine nite of drinking at the canadian ballet

Today i saw that my car weighs 3500lbs woo

Today I saw my car still in peices.

umm, last night on my way to work there was a random lady standing on the side of the road by the woods in complete darkness who had the “deer in the headlights” look on her face and holding a bag. This was at 3:30am so ya i wasnt going to stop to find out what that was about.

yesterday i saw a black srt4 that wouldnt roll race on interstate XXX

and today i saw a red GTP that wouldnt race from a dig on route XXX

today I’m having trouble seeing anything because of weld flash. don’t hold your helmet because the adjusters are loose and the mask falls down alot. :banghead:

Today I saw that skunk sent me a virus through AIM :ahole:

today i saw josh’s cheerleader pics in my cubicle…accidently…


today i saw my rc plane pull off the runway at to much of an angle, then fall over on its back into a fence … woops

today i saw my dick!!!


Today i saw my sister doing my laundry…score!

i saw that my “priority mail” package which was supposed to take 2-3 days is still not delivery after a full week. :roll:

today i saw yet another SRT-4 who wouldnt race… blue with custom plate " x stat1c"