Any Bacon Lovers Here?

I think I am going to buy it… Then Zer0dazE and I are going to eat it. :slight_smile:


My man!! I knew you would be…

lol…sounds tempting

I wonder if it would be okay for newman to taste the bacon, and spit it back out?

X… :lol:

we will play a little game called “just the tip”

Prosciutto >Bacon any day of the week!!!

but that bacon does look good!!!

LOL @ 40oz of bacon for $32.99

they have that there too

$320 for like 20lbs i think it was

Free shipping too. but if you need your back in 2 days its $62 for shipping

wow that’s some expensive pig. i wanna try some…

that girlfriend of yours is some expensive pig…


ooh ooh can i have some???

mmmmm bacon uhhhuhuhuhuhuh drools


X… :lolham:

actually i wanna try this shit too


eat shit.

omg hahahahahaha

i love you joe.