any one

any one know how much a set of crx si rims cost? im tryin to seel mine and i dont know how much to ask

$50. ill give ya 20 :slight_smile:

seel really?

anyone is one word.

i would say at least 1k

with the car still attached?


unless they are mint, then maybe 200.

not a popular wheel

I’ve parted out 4 crxs, so i can tell you the worth on just about every piece.

$200 seems to be the going rate for mint wheels w/center caps and and tires with decent tread.

thanks guys i have them up for 200 with me willing to deliver to a respectable distance. the rims are comeing with tired on them and i beleave i have another set of tires for them that i will possibally throw in

Holy fucking spelling


So in other words, what your trying to say is your rims are possibly ballin?

they are stock rims. stock rims are not ballin


LOL @ the response


thank you for this thread. i am now more stupid for reading this

no, they are rare! and if they are right hand drive wheels, i would say 1k was a low ball.

But if they are from a RHD car that’s from south of the equator, they spin the wrong direction and are worthless for northern hemisphere cars.