anybody with a snow plow can help ?

The people my dad hired to plow him out are being sketch and haven’t shown up today. He is elderly and want to make sure he is going to be fine. Basicly I need someone to plow his driveway i can clear the other paths for him no issue but the driveway would be a bitch to handle on my own. If anybody on here can help i would be in your debt.

Cell 518-209-1541

I can’t do anything, but it would really help if you could atleast put what town your dad lives in.

good call. Loudonville a block from siena college no less.

damn. Too far for us to go. we dont do any in that area but just open up the phone book or go on craigslist.

all is good now thankyou. Probelm was his normal guy won’t stop by unless he has 3 inches of snow on the ground but with the ice I wasn’t gonna take the chances of my dad hurting himself. So a neighbor was able to help me out and take care of it.

y dont u go shovel for him and then salt the shit out of the driveway?

3 inches is pretty lackadaisical, all of my contracts have a 2" trigger for the light fluffy stuff and as little as 1" for heavy wet snow depending on just how heavy it is. And I still get customers that bitch, the guy doing your fathers driveway must have his phone ringing off the hook when it snows with customers bitching.

lol it has been taken care of and salted… just it is a big ass driveway so plowing was smart option

I agree…but my old man is stubborn and likes the guy who does the work. Any chance you take contracts in his area?

Nah Im up in Saratoga, the furthest south I get is Ballston spa. Sorry I cant help, im actually off to go plow a driveway, customer just called me bitching about the half an inch of snow on his driveway from todays showers :facepalm

we have a minimum of 3 inches too when we go out, but we went out and did everyone once, or twice with this last small storm…we always get people bitching no matter what.

thats how all of mine are, but I’m only doing a few rentals for a friend that owns them. Depends on the clients and how the contract is. I wouldn’t do a flat rate for the year at anything less than 3 inches. Any less and I would have to charge by the push.

we dont do contracts. We bill monthly by the storm.

anybody I know is either too north of there or too west of there to go there.

:beer thanks for responding guys and pjb happy bday

I do contracts, $350 a driveway/20 driveways. Im paid in full before the first snow storm is even on the radar. Its a gamble but last year it paid off real nicely, this year I dont think Im going to be so lucky.

thats the problem…when we actually get snow, everyone that has a contract is getting raped.

We charge by the driveway, per plowing. Minimum of 3" to go out, unless we get phone calls. Its double charge for 12"+, and tripple for 24"+ in one snow storm. We have 40+ houses we do, and we bill monthly…this year, is a good year for us.

I need plow service to a driveway in Clifton Park between exit 8 and 8a off woodin road, anyone have room to add an extra stop?


PJB who do you know west of here?

Altamont area?

How big is the driveway? has it been cleaned out so far this year?