Anyone driven or owned a 240SX Vert? Comparos please!

I’m considering building a vert as my next project if I can’t find the right S14. (By right, I mean that one that I can afford.) har har har.

My main concerns are chassis rigidity out of the box.

Obviously, they’re not as stiff, but my concern is how much flex is there compared to a hatch or a coupe? I know they can be stiffened with weight, stitch welding, cages, bars, etc…at teh end of teh day all those things are fine…I’m just interested in the stock rigidity.

The car will have a decent powerplant and also will be tracked pretty aggressively, I don’t want a flex monster. I understand that it is a compromise though. It will not be a race car but more of a nice DD/track toy/small scale show piece for promo of my businesses and other businesses.

Can anyone who has owned both or at least driven both chime in here? Noticeable differences and especially people who have owned them and stiffened them. Big difference?

Any help and input appreciated!

I know the convertibles are tragically heavier than the coupes. So if you’re going RB series motor swap, you’ll need atleast a 25. Also to get rid of those hideous door panels you need to chop the doors to crap in order to fit the nicer looking coupe door panels. I believe you can also save weight by removing the tanks in the ass end… and just run the top manually.

Weight I can deal with…it’s chassis flex that I’m concerned about.

The chassis have been reinforced immensly… all the extra weight that they have is reinforcement alone. So overall they should be much stiffer than coupes even in stock form. I seen a gutted coupes interior compared to gutted convertibles and the convertibles are exactly like the coupe except they have much more plates welded in for rigidity. I will try to find a picture in a few moments.

Heres the pic set I was looking for!

Thanks man!! Appreciated!!! I’m seriously considering it. Found a few down i Florida.

Plane tickets are UNDER 250CDN taxes in right now.

Thinking of flying down on Monday or Tuesday, buying one for under 2000USD and driving that shit home. All said and done, a MINT vert for under 4000CDN.

Do it man. Vert’s with silfronts are perfect cars. I wanted to the same thing eventually either pick up a vert or a 1989 base model coupe from the south. They’re way minter than anything over here and for the condition half the price of anything anyone would sell over here.

Yeah buddy. I’ve never imported a car before. Shouldn’t be too hard I think.

My plan is, find the car. buy the car. Go see the car. Drive the car home. I just have to look into the paperwork involved. I know it’s a big process, but a relatively easy one. Just takes time and paper work.

From what I understand, I have to fax a copy of the title to the Canadian Border 48 hours before I bring it in?

Are there any other options? Ie, convince the seller to leave his plates on so I can get the car through and then do paperwork once it’s here?

I guess I should make a seperate thread for this. huh? If i grab one, I may still need those parts that you can Kengi have Chris. :slight_smile:

Damn man I sold the tranny. Still have everything else.

verts are definetely one of the strongest s chassis… with tons and tons of chassis braces/strengthening parts/etc… its pretty awesome… I have saved diagrams (I think it was scans from FSM or something) with all the reinforcments pretty awesome imho.

seriously eh? Cool, i thought they would have ghettoes out and not reinforced. Anyone know the ACTUAL weight difference? NOt just the published figures.

Go for it - here are some pics of the reinforcements:

the weight difference between silvia_drifts vert and my coupe was around 300 lbs according to the weight station on dixie /401

Change the doors for the ones from Coupe to shave some weight.

whoa nice

what fsm are those from?

If I only had a room to work on the car…:rolleyes:
Most of the reinforcements is to the floor/frame, get a nice cage and you can have very solid car for the track

Yeah the S13 verts are by FAR the strongest S chassis out of the bunch.

I would not even worry if its gonna be strong…it is…its pretty well made just like all the 240s…just dont buy a rotten one…pretty much the rule buying any car tho

OMG, I want some of those braces on my hatch. lol It’s so sloppy.

Okay… couple things

Having owned 15 s-chassis’s, including 2 verts… I can say with 100% authority that the vert is by FAR the floppiest chassis. My current convertible flexes enough to trigger the door jam sensor, going in and out of driveways.

The reinforcements are good, but they CANNOT recreate the strength of a roof. Both of mine have been sloppy to the point of annoyance.

Granted. This is easily fixed with a 6 point cage from Union auto…

Like mine will be.