anyone else drink so much this weekend that they have the shakes this morning?


i hurt

i sharted yesterday

and i drank 10 yards on saturday, which is the equivilent of 25 beers

yes. and i got home 2 hours ago… 530 is far to far away at the moment.

Friday night - 4 Sky citrus on the rocks, 4 shots of crown royal, one amstel

Saturday night - 5 sky citrus on the rocks, 4 shots of tequila, 2 shots of crown, 2 amstels

Sunday night - 10 coors light (which = 1 beer), 6 amstels, 2 Crown on the rocks, 1 Johnny Walker Black on the rocks, 1 Johnny Walker Blue shot, 1 Chivas Regal on the Rocks (this fucking drink was HUGE)

Monday - 2 Amstels

I just need sleep…

Zwarbyt…that mug I was drinking out of contained 2 yards worth of beer…When I got up to leave the camp fire I fell directly on my face…think I broke my pinky, it’s crooked.

and my ass is raw??!?!?!?!


sorry about your ass, at least you didnt get it like i gave it to newman, see “bear” post

i hate when i eat stuffed peppers and forget about it.

then i get reminded the next morning (5 min ago) while reading the new grassroots motorsports.

lol yeah they just have a way of reminding you

thursday night i couldnt stand up, friday night wasnt much different, saturday i dont remember, sunday and last night i didnt even sleep.

ahh they are finally gone :slight_smile:

but tim still tired as fuck…

i wish i could remember