Anyone ever order anything from Phase2motorsports??

Trying to order some stuff for my rebuilt and in the shipping canada isn’t an option, it’s the US states and fucking port rico (sp, but who cares) anyone???

Yup, I have. Just bought some stuff from them recently. You have to email them and tell them exactly what you want and I believe that you can ask for either UPS or USPS shipping. Obviously USPS is more expensive. My experience with them was pretty good. I’d definitely buy from them again.

thanks dude!! :thumbs up:

Weird, I didn’t have to do any of that when I ordered from them…
I just did it via their website and it had Canada as an option… shipped via USPS…

phase 2 is good shit

Phase it, they are a good company.

I don’t think anyone I know has had a bad experience with them either.

they are alright

sent me the wrong oil line once was kinda dissapointed

dont you mean UPS is more expensive? (atleast in my experience)

I just placed an order with them today actually, shipping to canada wasn’t an issue, I’ve bought from them before aswell without any problems.

With UPS you have to pay for customs and taxes (unless you clear it yourself then it’s just taxes), with USPS there are no taxes and no customs.

What I meant was that shipping by USPS is more expensive. (Express 3 - 5 day) But there will be a lot less to pay for at your doorstep, I think it’s just 15% tax of the total amount you bought.

UPS is a LOT cheaper to initially ship it… however… you pay for that when brown comes to your door step… and you either bend over or you pay them $500 in customs and brokerage fees for your $1000 order.

EDIT: I did buy some stuff and got them to ship it through USPS and i had to pay like $160 in taxes at my door step, I used USPS express. That’s the very first time that I have been charged though.

i have stuff coming from P2M all the time, let me know what you need jeff, i’ll bring it in for you

PM’d Bing-a-ling.

yeah man, if you ever need a bunch of stuff from P2M i can beat your landed price all the time.

but i cant help you if you just want some small stuff… but for the order you want to put through it’s not a problem.