Anyone here ever go to a storage unit auction?

Kind of been thinking about this lately. Waste a couple hundred bucks, maybe find something cool.

I’ve never been bored enough to rummage through someone else’s shit :upside_down_face:

I’d imagine it’s nothing like the scripted TV show. 99% of the time people putting stuff in storage units that they fail to pay on are putting shit in there that isn’t worth paying the storage unit fee.

I’ll give you a better deal. Give me $50 and you can come dig through my garbage next Thursday before I put it out to the curb. You’ll find just as much “good” stuff and save $150. :smile:

God damn I want to find buried treasure.

Not saying you’ll find exactly this but T.O. was just in the news with his storage unit being auctioned off. Shit happens. Never know what unit you’ll come across.

And someone is going to buy a lotto ticket in win. There will be a billion other suckers who get nothing though. Your odds of getting TO’s storage locker are about the same.

Damn, you need a hobby or second job or something. Always looking for the next qet rich quick scheme.

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Have plenty of hobbies, work 70+ hours a week, I wouldn’t call them schemes, I’m closing in on a 7 figure net worth, 31 years old. Thanks for being mean :frowning:

He’s gonna pull an OJ next.

I’ve got a solid mid-5 figure negative net worth at 32, who cares? Everyone is on their own journey but if you are going to put yourself out there you can’t expect to only get positive feedback

Yeah I make enough money to pay for things and I would rather not work 70+ hours every week for the “grind” so there’s that.

I want that god damn gt in my driveway. Typing this from work lol

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I respect the hustle but also the appreciation for just being content with enough to live comfortably. To each his own…

I have to admit, it’s an unhealthy way of living, never being content with what I have, it’s almost like an addiction.

But in all seriousness I think this would have just been a fun thing to do. If I find one and win it I’ll post up all the useless shit I find!!


Guys, let the man dig through the trash if he wants to, lol. :slightly_smiling_face: