anyone up for a late dinner?

ok i just got home from work and i’m starving and theres no food here…anyone else hungry in the southtown area? or northtowns if u wanna drive :stuck_out_tongue:

You don’t eat sushi

so lets get somthing other than sushi :slight_smile: haha

hot girl > you

sake > you

Sorry jay, I love you but…

Can you wait a week? :smiley:

If I had easy access to my money, I’d be in…
wait a sec… you still owe me!!!

count me in
I are hungry…

Howie has spent alot of time with this misterious “hot girl” lately

im hungry toooooo but broke as fuck also.

i think her name is jill. cus i think he WOULD have told me by now :sad:

so where we going Adick4boost? huh? huh? huh? should I dress sexy?

the hot girl was actually someone I haven’t seen in like 5 years

hmm interesting…

her name is Amagine Aree’ ROFLMAO I think she is French

Oh that quick wit of yours Kingsario… :rofl:

can i get some KARMA PEOPLE!!!