Atth: Nissan Guys

For your enjoyment:


wow, that’s pretty damn cool even if you don’t like nissan’s

great post


What about the Nissan Chicks :frowning:

HAHA This thread is making it’s rounds on teh intarweb in the past few days! :smiley:

That’s alot of Nissan’s.

lol at the tiny little fire truck

and the “nissan mid 4”, looks like an exact copy of the “toyota mr 2” too bad nissan didnt go into production with those

thats a whole bunch of awesome

great post…

no nx :frowning:

no reason to throw something so gay in there…

Very nice

No need to compensate for a small cock by driving a 5.slo :hsugh:

more like 5.broken

Damn i thought you had gotten all the problems figured out, that sucks

needs a new head.


Wow, I’d love to walk around that garage. The street legal R390 GT1 is amazing.

x2… lol @ xlogic and his shit box that cant break tripple digits.

Yeah there’s one in there.